2015 Schedule:

Dominican Republic
Feb 28 - Mar 7

Mar 21 - Mar 28

Apr 18 - Apr 25

Oct 24 - Oct 31

Nov 14 - Nov 21


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the chapel cost the American group?
A: The present cost is $20,000 for Romania and $11,000 for the Dominican Republic (as of December, 2011).

Q: What is the cost to a team member?
A: The cost per person in Romania is approximately $1100 and in the Dominican Republic is $600 (as of December, 2011). This amount includes ground transportation, meals, and hotel.
Travel medical insurance is approximately $3.30/person/day and is purchased by the American group.
The airfare to and from Romania or the Dominican Republic is additional.

Q: Where will my group be building?
A: The Project does not release planned construction location for groups because of the high probably that an alternative site will be utilized. Romania and the Dominican Republic are developing countries where things do not run smoothly at times.

Q: What qualifications are necessary to participate?
A: We have found that being flexible and willing to serve are the only requirements. Over the years we have observed God using people of all abilities.
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