2015 Schedule:

Dominican Republic
Feb 28 - Mar 7

Mar 21 - Mar 28

Apr 18 - Apr 25

Oct 24 - Oct 31

Nov 14 - Nov 21


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As part of the partnership, the local congregation is responsible for obtaining the land, necessary building permits, and paying for and laying the foundation. If the congregation has requested modification to the standard chapel, they may also be responsible for the additional costs due to their modifications.

The walls are built by local masons subcontracted by the Project. The walls will be in place when the team arrives at the construction site. The mason team will work alongside the team during the week. The American construction team builds and sets the trusses, paints and varnishes doors, windows, and the plywood ceiling (Romania), installs the electrical fans and lights, installs the roof, installs the ceiling (Romania), and completes the windows. The floor is left for the local church to complete allowing them to take ownership of the church building.

At the end of the week, a dedication service is held in the chapel on Friday night. All of the week's hard work is rewarded by seeing the chapel jammed packed for this service. Some have estimated that having a completed building moves the congregation forward by 50 to 100 years in its development.
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